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Language of the Month


The children at Diamond Wood Community Academy come from a range of cultures and backgrounds. As a multi-cultural school it is vital that we prepare children to grow up to make a positive contribution to society.
 At Diamond Wood Community Academy, there are children and adults who speak many different languages. The languages spoken include Czech, English, Hungarian, Punjabi, Polish, Romanian and Russian. We also have children who use a sign language called Makaton. There are many reasons we should know about each other’s languages, including the following:-
  • To give bilingual children the opportunity to demonstrate their language skills
  • To enhance the status of bilingual children
  • To show respect for each other’s languages and cultures
  • To give parents the chance to be actively involved in their children's learning
  • To broaden the language skills of all the children and staff.
Each half term a new language will be introduced. Teachers will put up a display in their classrooms and they will do short, fun activities to teach several words from the language.
We have introduced the children to the new languages and displays have been put up in classrooms and in the corridor by main reception.

Our language for the Autumn 1 Term is Italian

Who speaks Italian? Italian First Words
Italian Numbers 1-12



Our language for the Autumn 2 Term is Lithuanian

Who speaks Lithuanian? Lithuanian First Words
Lithuanian Numbers 1-12   

Our language for the Spring 1 Term is Polish

Who Speaks Polish? Polish Questions & Answers
Polish First Words Polish Numbers 1-12


Our language for the Spring 2 Term is Spanish

Who Speaks Spanish                                                                                                           Spanish Questions & Answers

Spanish First Words                                                                                                             Spanish Numbers 1-12


Our language for the Summer 1 Term is Kurdish

Who Speaks Kurdish? Kurdish Questions & Answers
Kurdish First Words Kurdish Numbers 1-12



Our language for the Summer 2 Term is Urdu

Who Speaks Urdu?
Urdu Questions & Answers
 Urdu First Words  
Urdu Numbers 1-12