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Our Art vision is to creatively explore ideas through experimentation

At Diamond Wood our Creative Curriculum is bespoke to our pupils needs. This is a curriculum which we have developed as a school for pupils in addition to Art and D&T lessons. The reason for this is we found pupils were lacking fundamental creative skills and this had an impact on their ability to engage with and complete their work in specific Art and D&T lessons. Our Art and D&T subject leaders work together closely to plan for this and incorporate key elements of Art and Design.


In KS1, Art and D&T units of work are taught alternatively throughout the half terms. However, as we view creative skills to be a main priority area for our children, the additional Creative Curriculum lessons are usually taught weekly.


However, in some instances there may clear links and Creative Curriculum/ Art and D&T sessions are merged together.


In the EYFS creative activities are available for the children to use in the continuous provision.  In Nursery these will be enhanced by a more focused activity when teaching a specific skill.  In Reception a creative session is taught weekly focusing on different skills throughout the year.  The children then have the opportunities to practice and develop these skills on more independent activities.


The progression of skills and knowledge within Art and D&T has been carefully planned out across the school. This is also the case for our additional Creative Curriculum. The progression map has a separate section for our additional Creative Curriculum and careful consideration has been taken to ensure the skills children work on in the Creative lessons lead into their Art and D&T units. It is vital that our children to learn and develop the initial skills that form the foundation of their future learning in Art and D&T lessons.


Our Creative Curriculum provides memorable experiences and rich opportunities for high quality learning focusing on skills that are appropriate and relevant to all our pupils. Learning is meaningful and put into context. This is then further embedded and provides additional challenge when children access their Art and D&T units of work.


Although we teach these subjects explicitly, we take a topical and themed approach to teaching and learning. Art and D&T lessons are based on these topics but the Creative Curriculum sessions might not. This is because the focus is specifically on the creative skills and links may not be appropriate. Each unit of work is planned thoughtfully with our children’s needs and experiences at the forefront.

We recognise the importance of sharing resources and evaluating topics so we continue to develop and improve our own teaching and the experiences for the children. We provided training from an artist for all staff on the key skills children need to have and be taught at each age range.


Overall we want our children to feel cared about, happy, secure, motivated and stimulated throughout our creative curriculum sessions and develop the skills they need to be able to access their Art and D&T Curriculums going forwards.

We will provide children with rich, vocabulary based and ‘hands on’ Art lessons

At Diamond Wood Community Academy, Art is valued greatly as part of our holistic, bespoke curriculum. The subject is considered a key area of learning and as a school we are proud to currently hold the Silver Artsmark award. We are dedicated to enabling children to explore, express and analyse Art with the aim of supporting them to become independent learners as they progress on their learning journey.


Our school serves a community where 98% of the children have English as an additional language. Language and ‘hands on’, practical experiences are therefore at the heart of all that we do and is an integral part to our teaching of the Arts. By the time children leave us at the end of Year 2, we want them to be able to independently and confidently apply the skills they have been taught throughout their time here with us.


We pride ourselves on providing our pupils with as many meaningful experiences as possible during their time with us. Children are introduced to numerous creative experiences each half term and these are progressively built upon each year. There have been many successful topics implemented so far, such as Nursery’s ‘Into the Night’, Reception’s ‘Ravensthorpe’, Year 1’s, ‘Georgia O’Keefe’ and Year 2’s, ‘Edward Tinga Tinga’. 


As a school we provide many opportunities to enrich our curriculum, exposing children to a wide range of craft, art and design activities. We have strong links with local culture in our area and annually hold a dedicated ‘Art’s week’ where we collaboratively work alongside local artists, dance groups, musicians and performing arts specialists to enable our children to take part in an authentic, quality experience of the ‘Arts’.


At Diamond Wood Community Academy children explore and develop their skills and creativity using a wide range of media. We value the use of sketch books and encourage the importance of experimentation, exploration and pushing ideas in imaginative ways.


We enjoy and encourage the displaying of art work around school, showing a diverse range of styles, media and cultures.  We also love to use creative artefacts to enhance our learning across the curriculum.


We have chosen to have an Arts Council in school, who help manage and support events in school as well as preparing and delivering assemblies. They also regularly organise and judge creative competitions.

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'This world is but a canvas to our imagination.'

Henry David Thoreau


Take part in some fun activities and learn how to draw some of your favourite cartoon characters using only letters and numbers. Click on the links below:


'A picture is worth a thousand words.'

Napoleon Bonaparte


Primary National Curriculum - Art and Design


Art Position Statement

At Diamond Wood Community Academy, our main focus for the year in terms of our Art curriculum is to review current content and coverage, ensuring progression of knowledge and skills throughout school, from Nursery to Year Two.


All teaching staff and educational teaching assistants in school will be working hard over the year to develop their own subject knowledge and gain a clearer understanding of the skills and knowledge taught within each year group and how this progresses. They will develop their understanding of the EYFS: Expressive Arts and Design. They will understand how these areas of learning form firm foundations for Art as children progress into Key Stage One.


Over the year we will be auditing and reviewing the resources available in school to support teaching and learning with the aim of ensuring new, high-quality resources are available to enhance the delivery of our curriculum.


We have swiftly identified the gaps created in children’s Creative knowledge and understanding due to COVID-19 school closures. The topics covered this year aim to address any lost learning whilst still challenging children and exposing them to age related learning expectations.


As a school and as a subject, we are working hard to ensure our children receive a rich and varied exposure to key vocabulary. In order to support this, teachers are now encouraged to add a ‘Creative vocabulary we will learn today’ section into all Art lessons.


To enhance learning we intend to plan bespoke Art lessons for our children linking to topics being taught in our school. , this will enable essential first-hand experiences and provide further opportunities for them to use their Creative vocabulary.