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Ethos & Values


Our Vision

A Place to Grown and a Place to Shine

Our shared vision is for every child to be the very best they can be, to be a resilient and responsible learner, who can achieve and grow in a high quality, nurturing environment.


Our Aims

In our school we aim to provide high quality education for all in an environment where all are respected and welcome.  We aim to develop good links with parents and engage them in their child's education.  Through providing a variety of extra-curricular experiences we aim to inspire children's interests in new and exciting ways.


Our aim is that all children will be  Determined  Workers  Collaborative  Achievers


Determined - we persevere to get our work done

Workers - We work hard to achieve our goals

Collaborative - We work and play together in harmony

Achievers - We succeed in all we do!


Our Values

Values are principles that drive our behaviour.  They influence our relationships with others and they determine the way we behave.  We want Diamond Wood Community  Academy to be a school where children and adults experience values in a positive way.  All Governors, staff, parents and pupils discussed which values are important to them and agreed on our list of 11 key values.


Each Value is introduced at the beginning of the month in an Assembly, Value Posters are displayed in all classrooms and shared ideas, activities are planned to reinforce the principles of the value and the information is shared with parents via Newsletters.


Click here to see some of our Values in action.



Friendship is an act of giving to others.
Learning to be a true friend means facing yourself, observing your actions and attitudes to others - this takes great courage.
The only way to find a friend is to be one.



Caring is making sure we look after ourselves and others.
Caring is making sure we take care of our own and others' belongings.
Caring is making sure we look after the world around us and all things that are living in it.



Peace is being quiet inside.
Peace is having good feelings inside.
Peace is getting along and not arguing or hitting.
Peace is having positive thoughts about myself and others.
Peace begins within each one of us.



Hope is the feeling that things will turn out for the best.
When the world says, "Give up", Hope whispers, "Try one more time".
Hope is a wish in your heart that good things will come true.
Hope always gives pleasure and joy as we know that what we hope for can come true.
Hope is a thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops . . . at all. Emily Dickinson

Respect is feeling good about myself.
Respect is knowing I am unique and valuable.
Respect is knowing I am lovable and capable.
Respect is listening to others.
Respect is knowing others are valuable too.
Respect is treating others nicely.

Responsibility is doing my job.
Responsibility is caring.
Responsibility is trying my best.
Respnsibility is doing my share of the work.
Responsibility is taking are of things.
Responsibility is helping others when they ned help.
Responsibility is being fair.
Responsibility is helping to make a better world.

Co-operation is everyone helping to get something done.
Co-operation is working together toward a common goal.
Co-operation is working together with patience and affection.


Happiness is having fund with my friends.
Happiness is knowing I am loved.
When I do good things, I am happy with myself.
Good wishes for everyone and make me happy inside.
When I have love and peace inside, happiness just comes.
I give happiness to everyone with my good wishes.
I give happiness with words that are flowers, not thorns.
I give happiness to others by sharing.


Unity is harmony in the group.
Unity is doing something together at the same time.
Unity is working together with a shared goal.
Unity makes big tasks seem easy.
Unity is fun and makes us feel like a family.


Honesty is telling what really happened.
Honesty is telling the truth.
When I feel honest, I feel clear inside.
When I am honest, I can learn and help others lean to be giving.



Patience is waiting for someone else to speak when you have something to say.
Patience is waiting to eat before everyone is at the table.
Patience is waiting until it is your turn.
Patience is letting someone else have what you want.
Patience is trying something again when you want to give up.