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Language of the Half Term

The children at Diamond Wood Community Academy come from a range of cultures and backgrounds. As a multi-cultural school it is vital that we prepare children to grow up to make a positive contribution to society.
 At Diamond Wood Community Academy, there are children and adults who speak many different languages. The languages spoken include Czech, English, Hungarian, Punjabi, Polish, Romanian and Russian. We also have children who use a sign language called Makaton. There are many reasons we should know about each other’s languages, including the following:-
  • To give bilingual children the opportunity to demonstrate their language skills
  • To enhance the status of bilingual children
  • To show respect for each other’s languages and cultures
  • To give parents the chance to be actively involved in their children's learning
  • To broaden the language skills of all the children and staff.
Each half term a new language will be introduced. Teachers will put up a display in their classrooms and they will do short, fun activities to teach several words from the language. We have introduced the children to the new languages and displays have been put up in classrooms and in the corridor by main reception.


In Autumn 2 our Language of the Half Term is FRENCH.


  • FRENCH is the national language spoken in the country France.
  • France is in Europe. Europe is a continent.
  • French is also spoken in parts of Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, northern and western Africa and in the Caribbean. 


CHALLENGE - Can you find France on a world map or globe? Can you find it within an Atlas? 

We launched our Language of the Half term during a special 'French Day' in school on Thursday 4th November.  Mrs Idle who leads on this initiative in school started the day with an exciting assembly to introduce the children to the country of France and learn some facts about it. The children in all year groups were immersed into a whole day of experiences and activities designed to learn about France and the language of French. These included food technology, writing, reading, music, mathematics and creative activities. The children also learned to sing the familiar nursery rhyme 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in French. You can watch the video below to try this at home. Check out our Twitter Page to see the children in action.

We had a great time celebrating French day! Take a look at the gallery to see some of the things we did.

Click here to view our 'French Day' celebrations booklet. 

We are working hard to know more and remember more!

Last half term our language of focus was Hungarian. It is important that the children revisit previous learning to support them in knowing and remembering more. The children will continue to use their newly learned knowledge and skills throughout this half term. For example, they may answer the register on some days in Hungarian. They will also look out for learning experiences which can link to what they already know. Please continue to support your children at home also. You can download our 'All in one' poster by clicking here.